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Performance Analysis of National Highway Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in India – isec

Performance Analysis of National Highway Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in India


PPP has now become the preferred mode for execution of Infrastructure projects. PPPs due to its record of providing value for money by ensuring cost effective and improved quality of services without time overrun. The paper makes an attempt to assess the performance of four National Highway (NH) PPP projects in the State of Karnataka. The framework for evaluation of the projects under review includes, time overrun analysis, risk responsibility matrix, and estimation of both quantitative and qualitative accrual of value for money (VfM); i.e. the financial savings to the government and road users. The study finds that in three out of four projects under review, the positive VfM to government (financial savings) is the tune of Rs. one thousand and forty crore. VfM has also been observed to be positive to the road users in terms of average reduction in travel time, saving of fuel, constancy in reaching the destination on time, etc. Further the paper finds that average time overrun in PPPs is less as compared to non-PPP projects. The paper also provides suggestions to tone up the PPP policy of India.

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