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About Databank

In simple terms, Data Bank is referred as a database. It is a collection of information that is organized and can be classified according to types of content: bibliographic, full-text and numeric. The main purpose of any databank is generally to organize information in a way that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated

ISEC produces a significant amount of publications in the form of projects, articles, research papers, monographs and working papers every year. During these activities, large amount of statistical information both on primary (like individual, household surveys etc) and secondary sources (various governmental and no-governmental) are collected. However, very small proportion of these collected information are used due to various reasons. Among the prominent reasons, we found that researchers, less-acquainted with new or available secondary sources of information, spend significant amount of time on searching and retrieving (those who know or have information). Apart from these, projects based on primary source of information collect data on the various issues under considerations. Broadly, these include assessing progress of schemes, impact of developmental interventions, status of developmental process or their dimensions in some time intervals or across the larger space. Though significant amount of information on various dimensions are collected through these sources, finally, very little comes up in project reports after treatment of statistical tools. To avoid or reduce the loss of information and search time, ISEC has taken an initiative for maintaining such data in Data Bank.

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