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Determinants of Intra Urban Mobility: A Study of Bengaluru – isec

Determinants of Intra Urban Mobility: A Study of Bengaluru


Given the importance of intra urban mobility to access jobs and their economic importance for cities, this paper identifies determinants of commuting time for Bengaluru’s commuters. Since secondary data on urban commuters is conspicuous by its absence in Indian cities, this paper uses valuable primary survey data of commuters in Bengaluru using a structured questionnaire. The findings are that, the average one-way commuting time to work is 42.45 minutes, to cover an average distance of 10.84 kms, and an average spending of Rs.2,589 per month on commuting to work. We find, based on regression analysis, that those that are educated, men, those travelling during peak hours and those that are married incur a longer commute time. We find that 70.43 per cent of commuters are travelling to work during peak hours and 43.30 per cent of commuters travel more than the commuting time predicted by the model developed here. We conclude that there has been an insignificant decrease in the metropolitan area’s effective labour market during 2001-2018.

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