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Urbanisation in a Forward Looking State of India : Patterns, Issues and Policy – isec

Urbanisation in a Forward Looking State of India : Patterns, Issues and Policy


In the context of proposed rapid urbanization in Asia, this article attempts to analyze the pattern, issues and policy aspects of urbanization in the rapidly urbanizing state of India (Karnataka) and its capital city region (Bangalore city). Both India and Karnataka have encouraged ‘top heavy character’, city – region disparities and associated problems of environment and development of Indian urbanization. Economically, urbanization has greater association with the tertiary sector, and higher contribution from the primary sector has led to more of ‘rurban’ character of Karnataka’s urbanization. In Karnataka, Southern Maidan is the highest urbanized region with highest concentration of urban population, cities and towns as well as high growth performance towns. However, ecologically fragile Malnad region is also under urban population pressure. The trickle – down process has not succeeded in diffusing the benefits of urbanization and associated infrastructure and services. This has led to more sharpened city regional disparities. Hence, to promote balanced regional development in the state, a four-tier hierarchy of urban centres has been proposed.

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