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Socio-Economic Determinants of Women Leadership at the Grass-Roots – isec

Socio-Economic Determinants of Women Leadership at the Grass-Roots


The purpose of this paper is to critically analyze and evaluate the emergence of women leadership in Pachayati Raj Institutions particularly after 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act in Andhra Pradesh. The present paper will cover the socio-economic determinants of the elected women and its consequent influence on the emerging women leadership in Andhra Pradesh, examine how far the socio-economic aspects have impaired or given opportunities to raise the issues and other social and economic problems in a formal forum, and thereby adequately ensure the improvement in all spheres of life. This analysis establishes the fact that many myths associated with the entry of women into leadership positions that would be hindered by socio-economic profile in terms of their age, occupation, family income, land-holdings and education have been disproved.

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