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Public Lecture Series – isec

Public Lecture Series

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Public Lecture Series

To share the knowledge generated by the research activities of its faculty with the wider audience, ISEC is launching a monthly Public Lecture Series. Through public lectures ISEC wants to reach out to policy makers, the media and the general public, explaining the research findings of its own faculty and those of the distinguished scholars who are in close interaction with the institute. Besides the ISEC faculty, eminent scholars, seasoned administrators and social activists will be invited to deliver these lectures.

Public Lecture – 23

Ethics for Our Times – Essays in Gandhian Perspective
by Prof. U R Ananthamurthy

Public Lecture – 22

Crimes and Their Victims in the Developing Economies
by Dr. S M Jaamdar, IAS

Public Lecture – 21

Pricing Strategies and Resource Allocation
by Dr Babu L Nahata

Public Lecture – 20

Affirmative Action Around the World: The Experiences of the United States,
India, Brazil and Malaysia

by Prof. William Darity Jr.

Public Lecture – 19

Delivery of Public Services: Models, Experiments and Policy
by Prof. Maitreesh Ghatak

Public Lecture – 18

Population Policies in India: A Review and Recommended Revisions
by Prof. K Srinivasan

Public Lecture – 17

Gandhi and the Mahatma Trap : What the World sees in Gandhi that Indians don’t

by Prof. Narendar Pani

Public Lecture – 16

Karnataka’s Power Scenario – Issues & Challenges

by Shri. K Jairaj, IAS

Public Lecture – 15

The Asian Challenge: Global Politics in the 21st Centur

by Prof. Siddharth Swaminathan

Public Lecture – 14

‘Roadmap for Industrial Development in Karnataka’

by Shri. V.P.Baligar, IAS

Public Lecture – 13

‘Indian Federalism: Past Performance, Coming Challenges’

by Professor Ashutosh Varshney

Public Lecture – 12

India at 2030

by Shri. T.V. Mohandas Pai

Public Lecture – 11

‘Inequality, Rents and Development: The Latin Americanization of India?’

by Professor Michael Walton
Public Lecture – 10

‘Secondary Education for Emerging Economy: Issues and Concerns’

by Professor M D Usha Devi
Public Lecture – 9

Social Security for Unorganised Workers’

by Professor D Rajasekhar
Public Lecture – 8

Tipu Sultan and the Beginning of Nationalist Consciousness in Bengal

by Professor Nikhiles Guha
Public Lecture – 7

Gandhian Approach to Religion

by Professor M V Nadkarni
Public Lecture – 6

Indian Democracy at Crossroads: Role of Political Parties in Inclusive Governance

by Professor Satyanarayana Sangita
Public Lecture – 5

The Transformation of Politics in Karnataka, 1972-1989

by Professor James Manor and Mr. E.Raghavan
Public Lecture – 4

Farm Sector Distress and Agricultural Policy in India

by Professor R S Deshpande
Public Lecture – 3

Sixty Years of Development: A Sociological Assessment

by Professor G K Karanth
Public Lecture – 2

Present Discourse on Decentralisation in India: Conceptual Origins

by Professor P K Michael Tharakan
Public Lecture – 1

India and China in Comparative Perspective

by Professor James Manor

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