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Political Regimes and Religious Minorities in Karnataka: 2008-2018 – isec

Political Regimes and Religious Minorities in Karnataka: 2008-2018


This paper attempts to understand the political initiatives and the relationship of political regimes of Karnataka with religious minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians. The two political regimes selected for the study are the BJP government from 2008 to 2013 and INC government from 2013 to 2018. The central objective of the paper is to study the political initiatives of selected political regimes, whether or not they have resulted in the inclusion and protection of Muslims and Christians. The paper highlights the political ideology and the social bases of INC and BJP, particularly in Karnataka. It highlights the election details, social coalitions, manifestos of the political parties, electoral outcomes, formation of governments and its implications upon religious minorities during both the political regimes. Four prominent issues concerning religious minorities, one each from religious, cultural, legal, and political spheres, are examined.

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