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Panel 7 – isec

Panel 7

Panel 7

Association of Academic for Social Justice

Conference on

Intergroup Inequality in Indian Society: Magnitude, Nature, Sources, Policies, and the Movement

Organized by

Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bengaluru

Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS), Delhi

Association of Academic for Social Justice (AASJ), Delhi

Dates of conference:
August 23-25, 2023
ISEC, Bengaluru
Panel 7: Psychological issues related to institution of caste and untouchability
The discipline of Psychology has been at the forefront in examining societal inequality and oppression, and has developed an influential body of theory and research examining group processes and inter-group relations in multiple contexts. Psychology in India has also shown curiosity and interest in studying caste. However, psychological research on caste does not go beyond a few sporadic yet notable contributions. As a result, despite the availability of relevant theoretical and research frameworks, the psychological study of caste has remained on the periphery and has only received limited attention within the mainstream academic community and the public. The real question that the use of psychology should not be limited in efforts to understand and annihilate caste but should also include what sort of psychology helps or hinders those efforts.
Against this background, the Psychology panellists will attempt to bridge the theoretical and empirical gap between caste and psychology. Contributions will draw on theoretical and research foundations within Psychology to bring together emerging perspectives, offer novel insights into caste related cognition, emotion, and behaviour, and provide directions for future psychological research on caste.
The sub-themes will include the following: (1) Potential of psychology to examine oppressive social structures; (2) Theoretical and methodological issues in psychological study of caste; (3) Development of caste consciousness among children and adults; (4) Prejudice and stereotyping in the caste context; (5) Psychological aspects of collective action and resistance against caste; (6) Development and expressions of hate against caste and religious groups; (7) Ethnic isolation and discrimination; (8) Caste-based stigma, humiliation and trauma: experience, impact and interventions; (9) Education and curriculum for psychology of caste; (10) Intersectional approach to psychological study of caste.
This theme will also be taken up on all the three days of the conference through parallel sessions. We expect to have about 12 parallel sessions, and about three Keynote addresses and special lectures on this theme.

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