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Established in 1972 by Professor V K R V Rao, ISEC is an All-India Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in the Social Sciences

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Infrastructre Faclities


The Institute also has mess facility for visiting scholars. The mess is run and maintained by Ph.D Scholars of the Institute wherein one can have a simple and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner on payment basis, which are nominally charged. One can have the meals along with the students in students’ dining hall. There is a separate dining hall where the food can be arranged for larger groups.


ISEC is in the process of updating itself to new Information Technology revolution. ISEC has acquired a new 150 mbps leased line connectivity from BSNL on Fiber in addition to 2 mbps leased line connection from TATA Communications for Internet access. It has got well-connected Local Area Network catering to about 200 users in the Institute. The ISEC website and E-Mail server are hosted at ISEC itself


The Computer Centre has got two servers, one HP Proliant ML370 with Linux Operating System which works as Web server and E-mail server. and one HP Proliant ML350 with Linux Operating System which works as Intranet Server ISEC has got more tha 300 Personal Computers of Core I7/I5/I3, Core 2 Duo, Dual Core & Pentium-IV, based PC's which are installed in individual offices and are connected through Local Area Network. A separate Computer Lab with 12 computers for Ph.D scholars with network and internet, printing and scaning facility has been provided. Library has been provided with 10 computers and a Server with Linux Operating System and Libsys Software for Library Database. In addition, ISEC has also got more than 45 Laptop Computers for the faculty use and five LCD Projector along with the Laptop Computers for Multimedia projections in the Seminar Rooms. Each Unit/Departments has been provided with a Laser printer which is accessible through LAN for unit members.


Faculty and students mostly use Microsoft Office for text and Data processing. Statistical Packages like Stata, Winrats, Eviews, Microfit OX, SPSSPC+, Definite and Stella are commonly used for Data & Statistical calculations.

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