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Karnataka Administration: A Historical Review – isec

Karnataka Administration: A Historical Review


The development of any administrative system in a State is a cumulative assemblage of administrative knowledge gathered over generations. The variations in administration across regions in the country as well as in the world are the product of historical events and an accumulative process through various experiences. Historically, it was the Kings and the noblemen who decided the process of administration and the only aim of the entire administrative system was to maintain the integrity of the state along with the welfare of the population. History is replete with examples of good and bad administrators (Kings or Sultanates), but the distilled precipitate points to the finally-emerged historical developments in public administration over the years. The administrative culture is developed through history and therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the development of this culture from an historical perspective. This paper addresses the development of administrative culture in erstwhile Mysore State and how it continued in the reorganised Karnataka.

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