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Implications of Infrastructure on Human Development in North East India: A Review – isec

Implications of Infrastructure on Human Development in North East India: A Review


Development of infrastructure has implications for the improvement of human development indicators such as health, education, and living standards. The rough topography and geographical isolation of North East India have necessitated the adequate availability of infrastructure. This study is based on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of studies conducted on infrastructure and human development topics. It analyses the infrastructural conditions of the region from empirical studies and government reports in comparison with national levels. People living in areas where infrastructure access is easier tend to have better health conditions, education levels, and living standards. In the region, Assam has the best railways and post offices, and the state has the highest concentration of industries. Tripura has the highest road density and also records the fastest growing per capita income and literacy rate in NER. The literacy rate and longevity are better in Mizoram and Tripura, and these states are included in the NE circle, where teledensity is higher. However, most of the NE states have inadequate infrastructure that affects their incomes and other human development indicators.

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