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Impact of Skill Development Infrastructures: A Study of Manipur – isec

Impact of Skill Development Infrastructures: A Study of Manipur


The significance of skill development institutions in skilling and imparting the required skills to people is critical. Lack of it hinders people from accessing and undergoing skill development training to improve the intensity of workers, which further affects socio-economic development in a society. The present study is based on secondary data sources. It measures the availability of skill development infrastructure in terms of ratios and density per population and geographical area. Its main objective is to analyse the impact of skill development training infrastructure in Manipur. The state has better access to institutions for general education than for technical/professional education. That results in a substantial supply of a non-technical workforce and a lack of technical skills. A wider dependence on traditional industries combined with a lack of large-scale industries leads to a scarcity of employment opportunities. Thus, the conditions necessitate the establishment of skill development institutions to train and impart the necessary technical and other high-level skills and strengthen industries for the creation of job opportunities in the state.

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