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From E-Governance to Digitisation: Some Reflections and Concerns – isec

From E-Governance to Digitisation: Some Reflections and Concerns


The technological changes of twentieth and twenty-first centuries have fundamentally altered the way states govern and people respond. The growth of computer technologies, digital technologies and telecommunications has drastically changed the way the state conducts its functions. The same technological revolutions have also altered, whether or not they improved the welfare function of the state, the way international, national and regional governance organisations deliver their functions. Technology is no doubt driven by capitalism, that acknowledged, one should also accept that innovations in technology of the type above mentioned have already altered the function of governance and have enormous potentiality to change it further. Electronic governance or E-governance is one of them. This has many applications in governance and far-reaching implications. This article argues that increasing E-governance can centralise the powers of the state.

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