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Emerging Development Issues of Greater Bangalore – isec

Emerging Development Issues of Greater Bangalore


Rapid Urbanisation has been posing a serious threat to urban development as a result of lack of preparedness in terms of planning and infrastructure availability in the cities of developing countries. Bangalore, one such city of India, with global importance as IT and BT capital, has been experiencing acute urban problems due to rapid urbanization, area expansion, and lack of planning and associated infrastructure. In addition, the recent initiative by the government of Karnataka in the formation of Greater Bangalore by increasing the municipal area of the city by almost more than two times the existing area with the objectives to improve the administrative system and infrastructure have given rise to innumerable problems of development. This article analyses the historical development of Bangalore and its capabilities, and hence, underlines the need for a through understanding of the city’s location-specificity in the context of 500 years old history in promoting development.

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