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Efficiency and Bureaucracy – isec

Efficiency and Bureaucracy


Studies on bureaucracy have always focused on enhancing the efficiency of administrative structure in order to achieve effective delivery of services. As a result, there is a paradigm shift in the boundaries of public administration in graduating from one theory to another. Advances from the era of Woodrow Wilson to new public management differed in the way they looked at the engrossing problems of administration and the solutions they prescribed. The focus of analyses in all these theories from Wilson to New Public management is either on inter-institutional or on intra-institutional relationships. This paper tries to understand bureaucracy from an historical perspective and also discuss the framework or approach to study bureaucracy the focus being on the institutional factors and human resources of the administrative structure. The framework of analysis to be discussed is a combination of institutional and socio-psychological approach to uncover the influence of institutional environment and individual behavior on the functioning of bureaucracy.

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