Institute for Social and Economic Change

Established in 1972 by Professor V K R V Rao, ISEC is an All-India Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in the Social Sciences

Working Papers – Page 50 – isec

External Supervision Support for Enhancing Quality in Primary Education

Social Forestry in Karnataka: Cost-Benefit Appraisal of A Project

Export-Led Growth in India: What Do the Vars Reveal?

A Re-Examination of the Long-Run Relationship between Money Supply and Inflation in India

Is Knowledge Shared within Households? Theory and Evidence for Bangladesh

Is the QTM Controversy Settled?

Empowerment of Grassroots Leadership inHealth and Population: A Training Experiment in Karnataka.

Literacy, Employment and Social Security: A Review

A Note on Multiple General Equilibria with Child Labour

Savings and Economic Growth in India: The Long-Run Nexus

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