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Established in 1972 by Professor V K R V Rao, ISEC is an All-India Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in the Social Sciences

Policy Brief – isec

Technology, Livelihood and Gender: The Case of Common Services Centre under Digital India Programme

Migrant Labour Skills in the Megacity of India: A Study of Labour Supply from Northeast and Demand in Bengaluru for Enhancing Employability

Urbanisation in South India: Empirical Evidence and Some Policy Lessons

Household Carbon Footprint of India: A Comprehensive Assessment and Prospectingfor Emission Reduction Pathways

Economic Loss of Forest Ecosystem Services and Policy Implications in Karnataka

Agricultural Export, Value Chain and Doing Business: Critical Policy Issues andthe Way Forward

Learning from Covid-19 led lockdown to improveBengaluru’s ambient air quality:An assessment based on Sentinel-5P satellite data

Valuing Toilets: Towards Improved Access and Useof Toilets in Karnataka

Crop Insurance in Karnataka: Challenges and Policies

Responding to climate change: What should Karnataka and India do?

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