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BCIM Economic Corridor and North East India – isec

BCIM Economic Corridor and North East India


This paper examines the potential and scope for regional cooperation and integration for trade, development and others under Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) economic corridor. The corridor that is primarily for economic cooperation passes through India’s remote and underdeveloped North Eastern Region (NER). India is probably reluctant in leading the BCIM economic cooperation as India-China trade deficit has surged and due to security concerns. The region might benefit from the corridor slightly due to its underdeveloped economic and industrial conditions. The region’s active participation is crucial for the successful operation of the corridor. Ironically, the region may remain a mere transit point since there are limited industries, no functional special economic zones, political problems, underdeveloped road infrastructure, etc. BCIM is envisaging seeking cooperation in energy sector for hydel and mineral resources from NER. Nevertheless, the region that is considered economically weaker than China’s Yunnan province is very keen for active economic cooperation with BCIM economies as there is enormous economic potential to benefit NER considering its geostrategic location. A policy of complementary trade, involving the region, is envisaged among the BCIM economies for the successful implementation of the corridor.

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