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Established in 1972 by Professor V K R V Rao, ISEC is an All-India Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in the Social Sciences

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Making of A Muslim Woman: Different Pathways to Religious Practices

India and Bhutan: A Relationship Before and After Independence

Doing Business, Trade Facilitation and Agricultural Exports in India – The Case of Select Agricultural Products

How are Cancer Treatment Decisions Made? Insights from A Qualitative Study Conducted Among Selected Cancer Patients in Bengaluru City (India)

Human Capital and Economic Growth in India: A Time Series Analysis Using Educational Variables From 1982-2017

Agriculture Value Chain Governance in the Context of Select Agricultural Export Products – Evidence from India

Swachh Bharat Mission: Awareness Strategies, Implementation and Issues

Estimation of Productivity Loss Due to Traffic Congestion: Evidence from Bengaluru City

Requiem to Enlightenment? Gadamer and Habermas on Tradition, Religion, Secularism and Post-secularism

Nutritional Status of Women and Children in North Eastern States

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