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 Professor P R Brahmananda Endowment Research Grant

Research Grant

Ground Rules



The Institute has created Professor P.R. Brahmananda Endowment Research Fund with a donation from his family members. The Endowment Research Corpus is utilised to award research grant to researchers working in Monetary and Macro Economics. The topics chosen for research award are:

  1. Digital Currency and Central Banks

  2. Critical Issues and Challenges in Monetary Policy

  3. Fiscal-Monetary Policy Co-ordination During Shocks

  4. Financial Sector Reforms: A Critical Review

  5. Oil Price Shocks and Indian Economy

Interested researchers are invited to send in their proposals for writing the Paper on the above theme chosen for the year or submit completed paper, for consideration. The Institute will offer a research award of Rs.35,000/- for the best judged work which can be published in the Journal of Social and Economic Development (ISEC Journal) or any other reputed refereed Journal. The author will have freedom to publish it elsewhere with due acknowledgement to the Institute and the Fund.

Call for the proposals / completed papers will be announced in the month of May every year



Ground Rules

The Institute has received an Endowment Fund of Rs. 5.00 lakh from the family members of Professor P R Brahmananda.

The Board of Governors of ISEC in its meeting on 20.6.2009 has decided to offer a research award in Monetary Policy every year. The theme of the research project will be decided by the Board every year. It has decided the theme of the first year’s project for the award as “Aspects of Monetary Policy in India since Independence”.

The Endowment Fund will be kept in a deposit in the Bank and the interest earned therein will be utilized for paying a research grant annually.

Under the Programme, proposals for research will be invited from young researchers on a theme chosen by the Board of Governors every year. An advertisement inviting such proposal will be released in Economic and Political Weekly besides posting it on ISEC Website.

The applicants seeking the research grant should submit three copies of their proposal. The proposals will be sent for review by an anonymous referee from out of the panel of experts approved by the Board of Governors.

The applicants should apply using the prescribed form for the purpose.

The best proposal from out of the short-listed/qualified proposals will be selected for the research award by a Committee of experts constituted by the Director.

The Visiting Fellows shall submit three copies of the Draft Project Report with a panel of six names to facilitate sending the report for refereeing. The Draft Report has to be finalized in the light of the referees’ comments.

The sanctioned amount shall be released in two installments as follows:

(a)  40% after the acceptance of the Project;

(b)  60% after the acceptance of the Final Manuscript revised on the basis of experts comments.

Three copies of the Final Project Report and a soft version in a CD should be prepared with due acknowledgment to Professor P R Brahmananda Endowment Fund and submitted to the Institute in final settlement of the research Award.





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