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Manohar Sadashiv Yadav




Professor & Head, Centre for Study of Social Change and Development (CSSCD)

Area of Specialisation
Caste, Untouchabality, Dalit and Development related studies.
Academic Qualification
  • Ph. D. in Anthropology from Karnataka University, Dharwad (1989).
    Title of the thesis: "The Politics of Socio-Economic Inequality: The Riddle of Untouchables in Belgaum District"

  • M.A. in Anthropology from Karnataka University, Dharwad (1985).

Selected Publications

Research Articles

  1. ‘Mobility through Sanskritization: An Apparent Phenomenon?’ Economic & Political Weekly, June 11, 2016, Vol L1 No 24.

  2. ‘Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Perspectives on Dhama and Dharma’, in a quarterly journal ‘Pragna’ brought by Babasaheb Dr. B R Ambedkar Studies and Research Centre, Bangalore University, Bangalore, Vol. 1. No. 1. Dec -2014 – Feb 2015.

  3. ‘Exclusivist Conundrums on Concerns for Social Inclusion in India’ (Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol. 13, No. 2, July – December, 2011)

  4. ‘On Conclusions about Confronting Realities of Dalit World’ (Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol. 7 No. 1 Jan-June 2005, ISEC Bangalore).

  5. ‘The Paradox of Social Justice and the Dalit Dilemma’ (Gandhian Perspectives, An Inter Disciplinary Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. XI No. 1&2 Spring –Fall 1998.

  6. ‘Development: A Dalit Perspective’ (Bangalore Theological Forum, Vol. XXX 3&4 Sept&Dec 1998 United Theological College, South India, Bangalore).

  7. Career of Dalit Movement in Karnataka’ (Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol. I No. 1 Jan-June 1998, ISEC Bangalore).

  8. ‘Devaraya Ingale Avara Samajika Vicharagalu’ Karnataka Bharathi Journal, Karnataka University Dharwad, Vol. 24, No. 4. May 1992.

Contributions to Books

  1. Globalization, Social Justice and Vulnerable Sections: Some Bygone and Burning Impressions (Contributed to a book ed. By N Jaryaram and D Rajsekhar entitled ‘Globalization and Vulnerability: Perspectives and Analysis from India’ and published by Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 2011)

  2. ‘Dalit Movement in Karnataka: A Critical Analysis of its Past and Present Realities’ (Contributed to a book ed. By M Thangaraj entitled ‘Dalit Movements in South India: Problems and Challenges’ published by University of Madras, 2007, 150th Year Special Book).

  3. ‘Status of Scheduled Castes in Karnataka’ (Contributed to Karnataka Human Development Report-2005, Ed. By Malati Das and published by Planning and Statistics Department, Government of Karnataka, 2006).

  4. ‘Caste and Untouchability in Karnataka’ (Contributed to a book ed. By John Desrochers entitled ‘Poverty, Marginalization and Empowerment in Karnataka’ and published by KRCR-JPC Publications –2004).

  5. ‘Consumerism, Money Lending and Liquor Trade’ (Contributed to a book ed. By Abdul Aziz entitled ‘Industrialization, Socio-Economic Externalities and State Policy’ (1997), Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi).

ISEC Monographs

  • ‘Reaching the Unreached: A Case Study of Dairy Farming among the BCs in Karnataka’ Social and Economic Change Monographs, Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore, 2010.

Recent Research Projects Completed
  1. ‘A Comprehensive Study on the Status of Scheduled Castes in Karnataka’ (Sponsored by Planning Department, Government of Karnataka: December 2014)

  2. ‘Kodavas in Karnataka: A Study in Culture, Identity and Ethnicity’ (Sponsored by Directorate of Scheduled Tribe Welfare, Government of Karnataka: March 2012).

  3. ‘Utilization of Reservation Policy for Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka: A Critical Evaluation’ (Submitted to Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of Karnataka: 2010).

  4. The Practice of Untouchability: An Analysis of its Contextual Variations’ (2007).

  5. ‘Socio-Economic Survey of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka: A Critical Analysis’ (Submitted to Department of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka: 2003).

  6. ‘The Role of Self-Value In Upliftment Process: A Comparative Analysis of Untouchables Experience In Belgaum District’ (ISEC: 2001).

  7. ‘Socio-Economic Implications of Dairy Development Among Backward Classes: An Evaluation of A Project’ (Submitted to Karnataka Backward Classes Development Corporation Ltd. Government of Karnataka: 1997).

  8. ‘Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka: A Status Report for Bellary, Chitradurga and Kolar’ (Submitted to Women’s Development Corporation Ltd, Government of Karnataka: 1996.)

Ongoing Research Projects:
  • Kudubis in Karnataka: An Ethnographic Study

Conferences/Workshops Organized:

  • Organized Research Methodology Course in Social Sciences for the south Indian faculty belonging different Universities during March 11 – 20, 2013. The course was sponsored by ICSSR New Delhi

  • Coordinated Ninth Development Convention-2009-10, on ‘Institutional Processes in New Development Paradigms’ organized at ISEC, Bangalore on 21 -23rd January 2010 (with Prof. Meenakshi Rajiv and Prof. KS James)

  • Co-coordinated workshop on ‘Dalits and Land Rights in Karnataka: Problems, Perspectives and Hope’ jointly organized Dristi and ISEC, at ISI, Bangalore on 29-31 March 2010.

  • Organized and Coordinated Asian Development Banks Workshop on ‘Information Policy and Strategy and Policy on Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information’ on July 16, 2004.

Short Term Visiting Assignment
  • Visiting Fellow to Cornell University, USA, during November 2005.

Select Recent Positions Held
  1. Elected as a Faculty Representative on the Board of Governors, Institute for Social and Economic Change, during 2001-2003.

  2. Appointed as a Member on the Two Men Commission Constituted by the Honorable Governor of Karnataka to Enquire into the cases of Allegations of Plagiarism in producing PhD Thesis in Bangalore University.

  3. Appointed as Expert Committee member to look into the issues of Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka by the Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka since 2015.

  4. Appointed and served as Registrar, Institute for Social and Economic Change from September 2015 to August 2016.

Professional Society Memberships
  • Indian Sociological Association.

  • Karnataka Sociological Association.

Manohar S Yadav
Professor & Head,
Centre for Study of Social Change and Development

Institute for Social and Economic Change 
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore - 560 072, India. 
Tel. : 080-23215468(works)
Fax : 080-23217008
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