Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 541

A Critical Study on the Impact of ICT on Interactive
 Service Workers in the Hotel Industry

Jina Sarmah



Interactive Service work is not new to the economy however, the growing demand for personalised services and the use of ICT has dramatically transformed the way work is performed in the new economy. The objective of the paper is to analyse the position of ICT in reshaping the organisation of work for value generation, focusing on Interactive service work in the hotel industry. The researcher uses case-study methodology and with the help of in-depth interview method re-evaluates the purpose of ICT in the workplace and whether technology has been able to promote enriching and dignified work among Interactive labour in the hotel industry. The researcher identifies and categorises the analysis under three domains, first, how ICT acts as an instrument in generating aspirations, secondly, how the transgression of ICT has shaped workers’ performance through the creation of the desired labour market, and finally, how workers experience the realities of work in a technology-enabled work environment.


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