Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 516

Promoting Green buildings towards achieving
Sustainable Development Goals: A Review

S Manasi
Hema Nagaraj
Channamma Kambara
N Latha
O K Remadevi
K H Vinaykumar



Buildings are responsible for at least 40 per cent of energy use in most countries, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions (World Council for Sustainable Development). IPCC estimated that by 2050, buildings are projected to emit 3,800 megatonnes of carbon. With the rapid growth in the real estate and construction sectors, it is crucial to promote green buildings. Green buildings are designed to minimize the demand for non-renewable resources and maximize the utilisation efficiency of renewable energy sources. Against this backdrop, this paper reviews the initiatives taken in India towards promoting Green Buildings and constraints in diffusing the concept of green buildings.

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