Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 476

International Best Practices of Apprenticeship System
and Policy Options for India

K Gayithri
Malini L Tantri
D Rajasekhar



India’s Apprenticeship Policy, conceived in 1961, has been evolved over the years to be customised to the changing requirements of industry. Despite this, India has accommodated a substatially far too lower number of apprentices in comparison to the large labour force and as compared with other countries. Among others, in the literature, it has been criticised for its complex bureaucratic proceedings and various flaws in the formulation and implementation of the Act in its true spirit. In this backdrop, learning from international best apprenticeship practices may help in addressing these barriers. While it is recognised that such practices cannot be completely emulated in our system, the key success features are certainly expected to help in expanding the apprenticeship programme in the country. The present paper is an attempt to discuss some key features that are worth emulating in scaling up the apprenticeship programme in India.

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