Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 460

MGNREGA Ombudsman a Forlorn Scarecrow: Issues
and Ways Forward in Karnataka

Sanjiv Kumar
S Madheswaran



Ombudsman is potentially a low-cost, time effective accountability institution and can substantially improve the quality of MGNREGA implementation by plugging leakages and suggesting improvements. It is definitely a low-hanging fruit and the government could easily inject life in this institution. From perusing the records and a cursory review of the literature, the authors have not so far come across any published academic research or systematic evaluation of the functioning of the MGNREGA ombudsman in Karnataka or anywhere in India; hence, this rapid study tries to assess the practice of ombudsman in Karnataka to explore its effectiveness in grievance redressal and reduction of corruption and enhancing the transparency and accountability in MGNREGA implementation. The policy implications and suggestions are highlighted for improving the efficacy of the programme.

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