Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 451

Impact of Perform-Achieve-Trade Policy on the Energy
 Intensity of Cement and Iron and Steel Industries in India

Kaumudi Misra



The current paper attempts to evaluate the impact of Perform-Achieve-Trade (PAT) policy on the cement and iron and steel industries in India. A descriptive statistics analysis has been done separately for the cement and iron and steel industry, and the two are compared to understand the major differences between them. The paper uses panel data for a time period of nine years: 2007-2015. The difference-in-difference methodology is adopted for the analysis. The random effect two way error component model is used to analyse the impact of PAT policy on the industries. The study finds that in the case of the cement industry, the PAT policy is effective and helps the industry in transitioning to energy efficiency. The policy is found to be insignificant in the case of the iron and steel industry: The reasons for the same are discussed in the paper.

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