Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 434

Determinants of Farm-Level Adoption of System of Rice
and Wheat Intensification in Gaya, Bihar


Shikha Pandey
Parmod Kumar


Around 90 percent of the people in Bihar still live in rural areas and agriculture is one of the main sources of their livelihood, either directly or indirectly. With the size of land holdings declining and decrease in area under agriculture, it has become important to bring in modern technology to help increasing yield per hectare of land by sustaining the natural resources. System of Rice Intensification (SRI) [System of Wheat Intensification (SWI)], is one such technology which is said to increase yield and conserve resources. This paper looks at determinants of farm-level adoption of SRI (SWI) in Gaya district of Bihar using the logistic regression method. The results of the study depict that variables, viz., age, physical productivity and hours of irrigation, were found significant in the adoption of SRI method whereas, hours of irrigation, physical productivity and number of family labour per acre, were found significant for adoption of SWI method of cultivation.


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