Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 403

Hannah Arendt and Modernity: Revisiting
The Work The Human Condition

Anil Kumar Vaddiraju



This article argues that Hannah Arendt’s major work ‘The Human Condition’ has strict limitations when applied in the context of societies which cannot fall back upon the history of either ancient Greek Polis or Roman res publica. The entire political philosophy developed by Arendt in that text relies particularly on ancient western history. Added to the spatial dimension is the factor of time when considered with the conditions prevailing in the twenty-first century. The work’s major limitation is that ever since the text was written, the public sphere in the West and in the developing world has undergone a phenomenal expansion. Thanks to the development of digital technologies and various media for a, such as the social media. In this context this paper revisits the text ‘The Human Condition’ both from the perspective of a developing country, such as India; and secondly from the stand point of the twenty-first century.


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