Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 399

Federalism and the Formation of States in India:
Some Evidence from Hyderabad-Karnataka Region
 and Telangana State

 Susant Kumar Naik



This paper deals with the political representation and the process of federalization in India with reference to Hyderabad-Karnataka region and Telangana. It also focuses on the aspect of regional inequality and the lack of political representation which led to an increase developmental gap among the regions in the states. Thus the unequal development among various regions within the states led people to demand for separate statehood. This paper, to a large extent is based on a pilot study. Region-specific facts have been collected from secondary sources and problems put in context of Indian federalism. It is clear from the pilot survey of both the regions that there is an indeed developmental gap, lack of political representation and strong leadership in both the regions.


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