Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 370

A Sociological Review of Marital Quality among Working Couples in Bangalore City

Shiju Joseph
Anand Inbanathan



One of the foundational relationships that has undergone substantial changes in recent times in India is the bond between married partners. A simultaneous change with far-reaching consequences is the newly-discovered focus on career among women. The interface of career and home has given rise to newer challenges that influence the quality of marital relationships. In this context, the paper seeks to understand the ‘couple relationship’ of married professionals from a sociological perspective in an Indian urban context. Using a culturally relevant marital scale developed by Shah (1991), the marital quality of 238 working professionals in Bangalore was examined. The study found that men reported higher levels of marital quality compared to women. Also, marital quality seems to be curvilinear over the course of the marriage. A key aspect that influenced the marital quality of urban career-focused individuals is the lack of quality time available as a marital dyad. The traditional norms of gender roles are also at play influencing the perception of the quality of one’s marriage.


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