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Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC) is one of the premier inter-disciplinary research institutions undertaking social science research in India. Established in 1972, ISEC has been instrumental in carrying out robust and competent research studies on various issues in social sciences. It has also been providing valuable policy feedback to bring about integrated social, economic and political transformation, with emphasis on equity and justice. Through both macro and micro-level studies, with inter-disciplinary approaches, the Institute’s mandate is to generate knowledge and provide information to improve the quality of policy-making and serve as a centre for excellence in research and training in social sciences. The Institute has been accredited with a team of renowned economists, sociologists, political scientists and educationists who are well known for their scholarship. Capacity building among the young researchers is one of the main thrust areas of the Institute.


The core objective of the internship programme of ISEC is to make the young students (post graduate level) to undergo internship in various social science disciplines to understand nuances of, and participate in the inter-disciplinary, social science research.

This is achieved through:

  • Providing a platform for understanding the rigour in the research on social science disciplines and enhance the understanding towards analyzing and addressing the social problems through hands-on training.

  • Facilitate, instruct and orient the students in developing the research questions either for further studies or for independent research activity.

  • Interaction with faculty, researchers and PhD scholars of nine different academic centres of ISEC.

  • First hand exposure in the arena of research and policy interplay and understand how research and policy complement and/or contradict with each other.


Internship demands a full time commitment for two months between April to July. There will however be sufficient flexibility regarding the timing of programme within these four month's period. The students will be required to assist and discuss with the concerned faculty.


The selected interns will be paid a stipend of Rs.3000/- per month, based on diligence and deliverables.

Essential qualifications:

Students of social sciences should preferably be in the middle of their post graduation. In exceptional cases, those who have completed post-graduation recently or those pursuing M.Phil may also be considered.

Areas for Research:

Economics of health, education, labour and public policy, socio ecology/ biodiversity, urban studies (including but not limited to waste management, sanitation), public health, environment, health and well-being, agriculture, population and health, e-governance, political science/ Indian politics/ political theory. gender and health/ ageing/ adolescence and youth/ maternal and child health, labour studies/ economic development/ migration, social gradients of health, political economy of medical industry and marginalities and development, trade, industry, special economic zones, environmental valuation, green accounting and climate change, education and labour, gender studies, decentralization & development or rural development/infrastructure, water resources, river basin planning, tourism, ecosystem services, Indira canteen, SC/ST enterprises, social auditing, economic instruments, environmental economics

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