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Attention Summer Internship Applicants

Dear Applicants,

Greetings from ISEC

We have received overwhelming response from you with regard to our Summer internship Programme. We wholeheartedly thank you for evincing keen interest in pursuing Internship at our Institute.

As you are aware, due to the spreading of Pandemic Covid-19 virus across the country, it will be difficult to travel from one state and another state and also the requirement of health clearance certificate from the state health department, it will be strenuous exercise to reach our Institute. Since the Institute was partially working during the last two months due to the declaration of Lockdown, the Institute has to concentrate on other important academic activities and our faculty will be too busy during the rest of this year because of this. Hence, the Institute has decided to take up the Internship Programme during the next summer of 2021. The Institute regrets that we are not able to conduct Summer Internship Programme during this year.

We once again thank you for sending your applications for our Summer Internship Programme and we wish all the best in your future endeavours and also wish happy and healthy life.


Registrar I/c



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