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Among the manifold contributions of ISEC is an interdisciplinary bi-annual journal in social sciences that was started in 1998.  The Journal of Social and Economic Development is not intended to be an outlet for the publication of the research findings of the faculty.  Papers are invited from all social scientists and are published after proper refereeing.  The editorial committee of the journal comprises eminent social scientists. The subscription to the journal has been growing steadily, and currently there are  subscribers from within and outside the country.  We also propose to have special issues of the journal dedicated to specific themes so as to generate debate and concern pertaining to critical issues in economy, society and polity.


(Published biannually in January and July)

Institute for Social and Economic Change
Bangalore–560 072, India

Editor: Binay Kumar Pattnaik

Managing Editors: D Rajasekhar
                             Parmod Kumar

Associate Editor: E Vishnuvardhan Reddy

Editorial Advisory Board

Amitab Kundu (New Delhi)

C Ram Manohar Reddy (Mumbai)

Mary E John (New Delhi)

P M Kulkarni (Delhi)

Ravi Kanbur (New York)

V M Rao (Bangalore)

Dipankar Gupta (Delhi) Abhay Pethe (Mumbai)
Peter de Souza (Shimla)

J B G Tilak (New Delhi)

Yujiro Hayami (Tokyo)

Mihir Rakshit (Kolkata)

Tim Dyson (London)

Pulapre Balakrishnan (New Delhi)

D M Nachane (Mumbai) Michael Tharakan (Kannur)
Gopal Guru (New Delhi)



Guidelines for Contributors

  • Only articles/research notes/book reviews not published and not under review for publication elsewhere should be sent; a declaration to this effect should accompany the manuscript.

  • Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate, in a maximum of 30 pages (of A-4 size), typed double-spaced in 12-point font (Times New Roman); 15 pages of similar specifications for research notes. These limits are inclusive of tables, figures and references. Once an article is accepted, the author is required to provide the final version both in hard copy as well as on a floppy disk (3.5") prepared in MS Word.

  • Manuscripts should be accompanied by an Abstract of less than 150 words and 5 or 6 keywords. Illustrations, figures, maps, graphs, etc., should be submitted on separate sheets, and should be kept to the minimum.

  • Single quotes should be used for all quotations; double quotes only within single quotes. Non-English words should be underlined or in italics; spellings of such terms should be consistent in the article.

  • All notes should be numbered consecutively and appear as end notes; notes for tables should be marked with (*), @, #, etc., and should appear at the bottom of the table. Sources of data, if from other than one’s own research, should be listed below each table.

  • References should follow the author-date system, e.g., Rao (1974:78) or (Rao 1974: 78). The list of references should be in alphabetical order, multiple references to the same author for the same date should be distinguished by suffixing a, b, c, etc., to the date. (e.g., Rao 1974a: 78; 1974b: 106-7). The style of referencing should be as follows:

    • Beteille, Andre (1996). Sociology and Common Sense. Economic and Political Weekly, 31(35–7):2361–5.

    • Govil, Kailash Chandra (1991). Why do Farmers Plant Trees? — A Temporal and Spatial Analysis for Uttar Pradesh, India. A Ph.D. Dissertation, Berkeley: University of California. Unpublished.

    • Rao, V.K.R.V. (1983). India’s National Income 1950-1980. New Delhi: Sage.

    • Srinivas, M. N. (ed.) 91996). Caste — Its Twentieth Century Avatar. New Delhi: Viking, Penguin India.

    • Authors should ensure that References have all the necessary details and are accurate in respect of the spellings of authors, volume and issue number of journals and page numbers cited.

  • Material should be arranged under appropriate sub-headings and not section numbers.


Current Issue


Subscription Details

Registration No: KARENG/1999/3287
ISSN 0972 – 5792
Journal of Social and Economic Development is published biannually, in January
and July. Subscription details are as follows:
SAARC Countries Five Years : Indian Rs.1,000 for Institutions
Indian Rs. 600 for Individuals
Annual : Indian Rs. 250 for Institutions
Indian Rs. 150 for Individuals
Single Issue : Indian Rs. 150 for Institutions
Indian Rs. 120 for Individuals
Foreign (by Air Mail) Five Years : US $ 250 for Institutions
US $ 125 for Individuals
Annual : US $ 75 for Institutions
US $ 30 for Individuals
Single Issue : US $ 25 for Institutions
US $ 25 for Individuals

Subscription Cheques/Bank Drafts drawn in favour of The Registrar, Institute for Social and Economic Change, should be sent to the Editor, Journal of Social and Economic Development, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Prof. V. K. R. V. Rao Avenue, Nagarabhavi P. O., Bangalore 560 072, India. Outstation cheques will not be accepted.

The Editor
Journal of Social and Economic Development
Institute for Social and Economic Change
Prof. V.K.R.V Rao Avenue
Nagarabhavi P.O
Bengaluru 560072, India.


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