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The major areas of the Centre’s research is on macroeconomic issues of the Indian economy with special emphasis on areas relating to public finance, industrial and labour issues, planning and development, poverty and public policy, and urban infrastructure. The focus of research in these areas is diversified in contents and coverage by including policy issues and reforms at the state level, inter-state level, national level and global level. For instance, research on industrial economics focuses on empirical estimation of the impact of WTO agreements and policy incentives on industrial development in general and on small-scale industries in particular, and industrial sector reforms as they are related to public sector enterprise reforms; research on economic infrastructure focuses on higher education, health and telecom services with special reference to financing and subsidies, and estimation of consumer demand; research on public economics focuses on policy research on fiscal federalism and decentralisation, and tax reforms with special reference to sales taxation and value added taxes; research on labour economics emphasise on socio-economic analysis of labour markets with special reference to determination of minimum wages, valuation of life and injury risks, impact of trade unions on the compensation of job risks, and social security for unorganised labour, research on environmental economics deals with nexus between environment, poverty and human development, water and regional development and economic behavior of the stakeholders and environmental policy.

The Centre’s research is an integral aspect of the Institute’s medium term research perspectives [2004-2010]. The key themes of the Centre’s research include Impact of economic reforms and WTO on regional trade and industry Impact of fiscal and financial sector reforms, Impact of reforms in utility services (telecom and power sector) on consumer demands, on public enterprises, Analysis of labour market, employment, and wages, Economic empowerment and social security, Process and impact of fiscal decentralisation in Karnataka State, study of emerging sectors like IT and business process outsourcing, Infrastructure and Regional Development.



Prof. S Madheswaran,
Professor and Head

Centre for Economic Studies and Policy

Institute for Social and Economic Change 
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