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 1)  What is the additional purpose served by digital library against
       the traditional library?

Ans:  The digital library provides direct online access to documents which are usually not available in the library and also give needed protection to rare documents.  These can be safely read on the monitor without handling the actual documents and that preserves the original documents and allows the reader to spend as much time required on the document itself.

 2)  How much does it cost to read one document?

Ans:  It does not cost anything to the reader if the reader has access to internet facilities at their home or office.   The reader can also take printed copies of the documents but making soft copies of the documents is strictly prohibited.

 3) What about the copyright Policy?

Ans: The copyright policy followed here is as per the Indian Copyright Act 1957 amended in time to time with the amendment of 1994 being the most substantial. ISEC belives in protecting the rights of authors, however if hosts locates any possible error in copyright, the author or publisher may send  a written request for removal, it will be complied with immediately. Please intimate to the Dy. Librarian. Unless otherwise specified, copyright is held by the ISEC.

4)  Do we need to become a member of ISEC library for use of
      digital library?

Ans:  Anybody is welcome to become member of the ISEC digital library but the person should satisfy the basic requirements.  However, in order to reach the digital library one does not have to be a member of the ISEC library as such.

5)   Can we give our documents to be digitalization and store in the
       ISEC library?

Ans:  You are most welcome to spare your documents for the purpose of digitization the decision of which will be taken on receipt of your letter along with a brief account of the contents of such documents.  The decision will be taken by the competent authorities to include such documents and shall be intimated to you at the earliest.




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