Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 359

Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise: A Review of Studies on
 Low-Lying and Island Countries

Nidhi Rawat, M S Umesh Babu and Sunil Nautiyal



This is review paper focuses on climate change and its impact on sea-level rise in the countries of low-lying areas (Bangladesh) and islands (Tonga). The study makes an attempt to highlight the causes and impacts of sea-level rise. The review shows that there is an increase in the seal level rise (0.2 m) in the coastline of Bangladesh that is adversely affecting nearby biodiversity spots. As a noticeable result, one of the most fragile ecosystems Sundarban mangrove is facing the threat of rising sea-levels. The renowned, native plant Sundari is on the verge of extinction. Similarly, the study found numerous instances related to sea-level rise in the island country of Tonga.


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