Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 320

Uncertainty, Risk and Risk Mitigation: Field Experiences
from Farm Sector in Karnataka

Meenakshi Rajeev
B P Vani



The paper “uncertainty, risk and risk mitigation: field experiences from farm sector in Karnataka” (No. 320) by Meenakshi Rajeev and B P Vani examines the risks related to production, input and price drawing from a field survey conducted in Mandya, Chamarajanagar, and Haveri districts of Karnataka and the Situation Assessment Survey of farmers as part of the 59th round of NSSO. The paper highlights that the farmers of Karnataka in its entire agricultural regions face all the three major risks and this is a scenario that holds for the country as well. Availability of irrigation facilities however is a critical element that determines the outcome of a weather related crisis; however providence of this facility is rather poor in the state in spite of it being a dry region. Though risks are all pervasive mitigation strategies are rather weak for the agrarian community across the nation. Furthermore, risk mitigation strategies in terms of crop insurance are highly under developed across the country in general and also in the state.

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