Institute for Social and Economic Change

Working Paper: 264

Food Security in Maharashtra: Regional Dimensions

Nitin Tagade



Regional disparities along with food security have remained an issue of debate in Maharashtra ever since its inception as a State in 1960. Several studies have examined economic development as well as food security issues at the regional level, but there has been no systematic attempt made to analyse food security comprehensively taking into account its four elements viz. availability, accessibility, sustainability and utilisation. The circular argument that disparities in investment leads to underdevelopment and consequently food insecurity is a part of our larger argument. Therefore, an attempt is made in this paper to understand food security across regions of Maharashtra. The results reveal three major groups of regions in terms of food insecurity. While a certain regions experiences food deficit and lower poverty along with a higher level of nutritional status, the other regions exhibit higher levels of under-nutrition and poverty along with relatively higher and medium food sufficiency.

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