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A core function of the Population Research Centre (PRC) is to train Ph.D. scholars. Each academic year four papers are offered for Population Studies as part of the Ph.D curriculum. These include advanced level courses in demographic techniques using both direct and indirect methods, population and development, and theories of population processes.

Recent Ph D Dissertation Topics

Name of Student

Title of the Thesis


M K Sahu

Impact of an irrigation project on labour force and migration: A case study of Hirakud project in Sambulpur district


M S Parthasarathy

Age at marriage. A life cycle analysis


T V Sekher

Return migrants in rural Kerala: A study of repatriates from Gulf countries


Devendra Prasad Shrestha

Patterns of population growth in Nepal


Binitha V Thambi

Economic Roles of women and its impact on child health and care: A study in Kerala


Akshaya Kumar Panigrahi

Living arrangements and health of the elderly in Orissa


Biplab Dhak

Gender differentials in health in India: Its neighbourhood and life course dimension


Sancheeta Ghosh

Medicalisation of maternal health care: An analysis of Caesarean section delivery in West Bengal

In progress

Sandhya Rani Mahapatro

Migration as a risk-aversion behaviour: A gender perspective

In progress

Baishali Goswami

Marriage Pattern in India: A Demographic Inquiry.

In progress

Angan Sengupta Impact of Environment on Health and Health Care Cost: A Study at Uranium Mining Areas in India In progress
Benson Thomas Epidemiological Transition in Kerala: An Analysis of Health Care cost and Sustainability In progress
Jhuma Haldar Educational In equality in South 24 Paragana Districts of West Bengal Special Reference Elementary Education In progress
Rajesh Raushan In Equalities in Child Health in India: In Access of Social Stratification and Neighborhood Dimension In progress
Anshuman Sharma Nutrition Status Disparities in India In progress


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